October 27, 2006

Montreal 3 Boston 2

Andrei Markov scored with a second left in the game to give the Habs the win over the Bruins tonight! this never happens to us! it's always the other team (usually Toronto, which we are playing tomorrow night) who score in the last seconds of the game. what a refreshing option this was. especially because we weren't working Tim Thomas around that time. Markov got the puck and was face to face with Thomas. lol. he just stood there with the puck for what felt like 3 seconds and then shot and the puck went between Thomas' arm and body to go in the net. wow. it just took me by surprise. so unexpected. i think it took me a second or two before realizing we'd just won :) what a strange game that was. turnovers all around, strange reffing, Bruins players trying to take Kovalev's knees out, Kovalev getting a game misconduct for not believing the player wasn't getting called for it, Rivet telling the ref to Fuck Off after a call and getting four minutes for it. a fun game :) and -- Huet finally got a solid game down. good for him. he hasn't been playing enough games this year since Aebischer has been outstanding, but tonight he showed the brilliance of Huet 2005-06. (ps. thank god we came out on top tonight.)

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