October 08, 2006

okay. so hot -- The Nine's season premiere. contrary to every other pilot this season (or most seasons), this episode layed evetything out in a timely fashion and wasn't pretentious or self-conscious about its premise. i loved it. the actors do a wonderful job holding it down to a believable day-to-day level (especially Chi McBride and his bank manager glasses). and i loved Tim Daly. no one's arrogant, and as of right now, there's no big evil mastermind behind the plan. good on you, ABC. you did a wonderful job with this one. it's definitely going into the rotation. (btw, why do we always have to have Kim Raver introduced in a state of undress?) the West Wing's Alex Graves directed this episode (and most of the upcoming ones as well). he did a fantastic job keeping everyone on the ball and not letting them fly off into ugly tv-acting-land. that was some great example of refined acting. and quite rare to find that on tv these days.

i'm probably a bit late on this but Jay-Z's coming out of retirement with a new album, entitled Kingdom Come ??? Nov 21. production by Kanye, The Neptunes, Just Blaze, and Timbaland:) collaboration with Chris Martin (i'll assume it's a Tim track).

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