October 31, 2006

after months and months and months -- i finally sold my 1995 VW Golf today! :D
this is such a relief. i wasn't getting any calls these past few weeks, even when i kept dropping the price and paying for saturday ads in the paper. a guy came to check it out saturday. he was really interested. i got under my asking price but i didn't want to hold on to it through the winter and have it not be worth anything come springtime. i'm alright with the price. it's definitely a HUGE relief. i'll start realizing it in a few days. i just got back from finishing the deal. hallelujah :)

have a great day.

Sens vs Habs tonight on Sportsnet East and RDS.

10:11 PM

...and the Habs won 4-2 against the Sens :D after a scoreless period, Higgins finally got things going with a beautiful short-handed goal, and almost scored a second one 15 seconds later with another turnover at the Ottawa blue line. things got out of hand with a couple of minutes left to the game with Montreal scoring twice in a matter of minutes. good news is the Koivu line was able to move around a lot more than on saturday night against the Leafs, but the greatest news was the new Kovalev-Samsonov-Perezhogin which looked spectacular and incredibly comfortable with each other already after playing a few shifts together on saturday (watch that Samsonov pass for the Kovalev goal).

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