October 15, 2006

the weekend is coming to an end (and i'm actually gonna go to bed at a relatively civil time tonight!). i'm pretty happy happy about mine. quiet but relaxing. and i got to take out two books i'd been waiting for.

check out Moby's list of musical collaborations on his blog (no direct link - scroll down to the Oct 11, 2006 post).
he's a sentence that held me breathless for a few seconds (and still kinda is as my mind is trying to wrap itself around the idea):
" played 'heroes' in my living room with david bowie "
try to top that :) (damn.)
and with that, have a good night.

omg **warning: hockey fans (or goosebump fans:) only** someone got the Montreal Canadiens' home opener player presentation to YouTube! this was a beauty. (ps. the mix is horrible. this was taken from RDS. CBC has better, cleaner sound. the crowd was going wild. i think the RDS guys are plugged directly into the announcer's mic *shakes head*. the crowd's way too quiet on this mix. anyway--turn up your speakers and try to imagine the whole thing;) it starts out nicely enough with the new assistant coaches Doug Jarvis and Kirk Muller (ex-Hab players). but check out as Carbonneau is officially presented as Head Coach for the first time to the hometown crowd (01:11/07:26). it's also worth staying for the players. try to see who the favorites are:) (although, nix that reaction on Souray. kinda mindboggling, really. they must've had a girl take her top off at the same time to get a cheer like that.)
chills, i tells ya !

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