October 21, 2006

meant to post this earlier but Blogger wasn't available - the Habs came back from a 3-0 first period beatdown to blow Colorado 8 to fucking 5 !!! now, if you know Montreal, they can take a lead but lose it in the third, but they never come back from losing. it never happens. but to be down 3-0 and come back strong like tonight... that was a great game. the Avalanche were flying, scoring on Aebischer, but then during the 2nd period, the Habs managed to score back everytime Colorado got one goal, and little by little the game was tied. and then Montreal began having a field day ... on Théodore ! this was Theo's first game back after being finally traded last season. having quickly become a saviour, he got a weird 2-3 month stretch last fall where any shot on him could go in. there were also the off-ice antics (and being 'caught' out with Paris Hilton with his wife and newborn child waiting at home). the fans quickly became aggravated by the young goalie and he was finally traded. tonight was his return, and it looked like mighty Jose was having his sweet revenge... that must've been a hell of a night to sit through tonight. to be fair, this was a high-scoring type of game anyway. you can't blame the goalies. this was a team game. and the Habs sure showed themselves that they're able to come back from behind. one hell of a game for Habs fans.

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