March 10, 2007

i'm not dead. i just finally ordered something last weekend. it's something i'd read up on months ago, i spent those months watching its price drop (slightly) but never pulling the trigger on it. well, last weekend it got too good. as good as i never thought i'd see it. so i did it. i spent all week tracking my baby's movement online all the way home :)

it is the Canon Powershot S3 IS.
last summer i started to feel the itch to get back into taking pictures again. i did so, off and on, with my father's reliable 35mm yeeeears ago. but stopped at one point. then it stopped working. that's when my brother mailed it back to me last year. lol. anyway. the camera was always around $499CDN. trying to pay off my credit card, i was gonna wait for a price drop. it never dropped much below $450. but last weekend i stumbled upon a great deal over at Mostly Digital. $399CDN. free shipping. after seeing their stock go from 3 to 1 in an afternoon i decided to jump in. i also tracked down a 1GB 150x memory card and some NiMH batteries and charger. i was a bit adamant to order it because i hadn't planned to buy it right now but the price was just too good to pass up. i'd never see it as low. as for the camera, as i said, i did extensive research on it months ago so i was confident i was getting an excellent point-and-shoot camera. no fears about it. and so far, i'm getting more and more excited by it.

so that's pretty much what's been happening with me lately.
oh, i also managed to wrangle a couple of friends from work for a last-minute plan to go catch 300 at the IMAX in Montreal tomorrow evening :) really psyched about that. once i knew the trip was a possibility, there was no way i was gonna see this film other than in IMAX :) i'm even more surprised this plan got done because a) my plans rarely follow through, and b) this was done and sealed thursday afternoon. anyway, i'll let you know how it goes :) (great little EW interview with Frank Miller > jürgen fauth’s muckworld.)

the Habs just (barely) won 4-3 against St-Louis. thank you once again, mr Kovalev. let the naysayers figure this one out :)
(here's a great pic of the mighty Kovalev after scoring his winning goal. check out the St-Louis kid at the right ;)

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