March 28, 2007

NY Rangers 4 Montreal 6

and the Habs manage to get another win in this most crucial time of the NHL season (with 5 games to go to win a playoff spot). wow. an amazing 5-goal streak at the beginning of the second period put the Habs on top of the Rangers who'd managed to score 2 in the first. the offensive pressure was just there tonight for the Canadiens. a great game. almost playoff type of hockey. it's getting there :) and thankfully, all the teams that needed to lose to help us out lost tonight!! (thank you, Toronto, for taking care of Carolina :) i'm still alright with them not making the playoffs this year (we might not know until the very last game in 10 days against the Leafs in Toronto), but right now, it's exciting hockey we're seeing from our team.

omg--expect this to be up on Tim's blog in a matter of minute: Shirley for PETA.
ps. hadn't realized other artists had done the same kind of pictures for PETA before.

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