March 14, 2007

New York Islanders 3 Montreal 5

Alex Kovalev sat the game out burdened with a case of vertigo probably caused by the flu that sidelined him earlier this month, but the little that couldn't anymore could last night and came back from 2-0 to win the game 5-3 against the Islanders. it was finally a beauty to watch as the puck went in after hard work and some much needed energy. it was fun being a Habs fan again. they gave us hope last night (not for a playoff run - i'm alright with them even not even making them. let's face it, as of right now, even if they did get in, i wouldn't expect them to play more than 5 or 6 games).

i may get to that 300 review at some point (i would love to put my feelings into words but it's such a slippery, and yes--subtle, experience that for now i can't see myself doing it justice). but i'll say this, though - i feel the film is getting an unfair treatment from the people who are describing it as simply being a dumb violent flick. those reviews made my confidence falter before seeing the film. but i'm glad i still went because there is heart, content, and character everywhere in this flick, thanks to Frank Miller's pen and Zack Snyder's mighty direction. no idea why the detractors aren't seeing it. but it's there. // i'm the first one to check out of a film if there's even an ounce of stupidity in its storytelling.

oh, crap - Universal might remake Bong Joon-ho's eeeeexcellent The Host ... goddammit. btw, i saw the original's poster in the lobby of the theater this weekend while seeing 300. so somebody picked it up for North American distribution. right? this, just as i received the original's dvd friday :)

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