July 02, 2006

well, the ex-roommate and i did our final bill tallying this morning. i'm glad it's over because it was kind of hanging over my head a bit because i knew he'd owe me some money on it. last time we'd done it was in January; so we had 6 months-worth of bills to add up. i'd done my part last night so i knew what to expect. we did his part this morning. his girlfriend, though, who would owe me for the rent i was leaving her (i left on the 10th and she moved in on the 17th - leaving her full access to an almost empty apartment to repaint and renovate however the fuck she wanted for an entire week; a week she had taken off work, btw). we hadn't settled on an amount but i trusted her. being a fellow Libra we'd gotten along really well over the years. but--as soon as i asked her this morning if she'd thought of an amount, she closed up on me and said i'd told her to forget it a while back. she seemed pissed that i was going back on my word. the thing is, those words were never uttered. (why the fuck would i piss on over at least a hundred bucks, i have no idea.) the only time we'd talked about it was the first time she knew she would be moving in on the 17th. i didn't have a date yet but she said she'd compensate me for the extra weeks (i said i was looking into moving before July 1st, if possible). she said i told her to forget this when i told her about my official moving date a couple of weeks later. now, i remember that conversation - we talked about keeping the phone and electricity until later dates, etc. she says i don't remember saying to forget the rent and how it was to my advantage to forget. WTF? she knows me. she knows i wouldn't lie or go back on my word like that. i could tell she may have expected a have a fight over this. but why, if i wasn't gonna ask her about it? anyway. her boyfriend felt weird, caught between the two of us again (my relationship with her soured during the last couple of weeks before i moved out - i blogged about it a few weeks ago). the roommate later told me he was happy i stayed calm about it. it was getting weird and tense. i didn't wanna end it on a bitter note so i stayed calm. i felt insulted but it was so surreal that i also took it in stride and found a couple of ways to keep it light. anyway. we'll move on. she'll move on. she did write me a cheque for my part of the remaining two weeks of June because she wanted to get it over with :) nice. before i left, i did go back to say thanks :) the ex-roommate was happy with that and kinda apologized for the girlfriend. i was just disappointed in her. i do believe she heard me saying to forget it, so i'm not holding it against her. but i never said it. as kinda-ugly as it got, i'm really glad that's done and over with now, though. i was a bit stressed about it beforehand.

enjoy the rest of your day.

oh, and i got this at Archambault. during the next week, they're featuring an artist a day that's playing the Montreal Jazz Festival and pricing their latest album at $11.99CDN :)

it's been busy in the NHL since yesterday. UFA deadlines and all. a lot of trades were made and a lot more are still up for grabs.
we were able to figure out the Habs were trying to nab Patrik Elias but he was re-signed by the Devils late last night/early this morning. but check out the link for some cool little inside info on the Elias deal and how he almost became a Hab. very cool. waiting for Gainey to sign someone else. soon would be better :) there's still a lot of cool players left (then we move on to trade season).

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