July 15, 2006

witness my horoscope for today -- the day i'm driving down to Montreal to check out Strangers with Candy:
Saturday Jul 15, 2006

Travel somewhere different. It will revitalize you and encourage creative ideas that can turn into something lucrative. Love, romance, passion and intrigue are highlighted today.
i'm spent. but the work week's over -- yessss.

BB7 | god i am so much in love with James working with the Jedi this season. it's like a new twist on an old favorite, but instead of cheapening it, it only makes it even sweeter! :) it's nice to see him opening up and working with someone (especially the S6; couldn't have chosen a better team). wow. loving Janey and Kaysar's logic for putting up Diane and Nakomis. these guys are putting a lot of work into it. they even have the Veto Competition covered! can't wait to see how it all plays out. ps. props for Canada at 8:34 pm from Nak & Kaysar.

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