July 09, 2006

okay. i figured out why the BB7 hamsters are boring right now. first off, it's the first week. everyone's feeling each other out. but the biggest reason they're all rehashing past seasons and not getting into it right away is this -- they've been here before! in previous seasons, it was all new and exciting. they were watched 24/7 and got on tv. this time, every single one of them has done this for months before. they're used to it. the gears are taking a bit more time to get going. this is their summer home. give it a week or two and it'll get interesting. (btw, Dr Will is constantly singing a song or talking about brand names or people who haven't signed waivers. CBS are obligated to cut the feeds everytime. dunno what the purpose is other than to piss them off, though. his plan to appear bigger than the game might backfire. they're bound to kick his ass for real sometime soon (they did admonish him this weekend but he started anew after keeping quiet for a few hours.)

the Montreal Canadiens are gonna try out 21 prospects this week. the list looks awesome, packed with hugely-promising talents we can't wait to see in the NHL; but the coolest thing? i know a guy in that list ;) i work with his sister on a daily basis. she'll be back in a week, the tryout will be over, so i'll be able to ask her how it went.

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