July 12, 2006

well. i can confirm it now. this saturday, i will be at Montreal's magnificient Imperial theatre to see ... STRANGERS WITH CANDY !!! :)
a full week before it's theatrical release :)
(here's the -kinda edgy- site for the film.)

oh, and who will also be there, you ask?

oh, only Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello, of course ;)

the film will be presented as part of the Montreal Just For Laughs festival. tickets are $9, taxes included. i jumped at the chance. i was gonna go down to Montreal to see the film in two weeks anyway (because i'm sure it's not gonna show here) and it's even cheaper this way! and seeing it with people who are familiar with the series is an essential way to experience the film. but to also have Amy and Paul present the freakin' film, at the Imperial, non less (my favorite movie theatre!), was just something i couldn't miss :) i asked a friend who'd be interested but he can't make it saturday, so i'm going on my own. damn it all to hell. some things are just too perfect to pass up :)
hey, if you're in town saturday night and don't know what to do at 10 pm, please give this a try :)

here's Amy's inspired celebrity playlist.

ps. i purchased the following today:

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