July 07, 2006

BB7: All-Stars Season Premiere.

yeah. hmm. that was kinda meh, wasn't it? or maybe i'm just used to reading the live feeds so episodes always feel overly-edited and simplified in comparison. that could be it. (they did have to edit over a week into a 42-minute show.) anyway. Howie = major buzzkill. i can't even get excited when he's on-screen now. it's just not funny anymore. Mike Boogie = who the fuck are you? get out of my tv. oh, and Chicken George? isn't your midlife crisis over by now? those are the three people i don't see in this All-Stars edition. though i have a bad feeling we'll be getting rid of bigger and better players before their asses get handed their walking papers. can't wait to start reading the live feeds again. so much drama, you wouldn't believe :) so much better too. but i'm gonna have to get back into that mode again. it's not easy because it can suck your summer away like *that*. btw, CBS will stream every episode the very next day on their site if you weren't able to catch them on tv. very cool move.

oh, the Emmy nominations also came out today.

24 got the most (with 12?). great to see them back. and rightly so. although i did have problems with Kiefer's performance this season. he was a bit too shrill-all-the-time for me. after a few episodes i just didn't see the point. poeple are not asleep!! Gregory Itzin gets one for President Logan :D couldn't have made me happier. btw, Itzkin = coolest actor ever. ... and Jean Smart !!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh fucking hell--YES!!!!!!!! :D i wasn't dreaming after all. they were so delicious. awesome. (holy shit. psst ...Joel Surnow wants to bring them both back for Season 6... :D go for it, dude. go for it.) great to see dad Donald getting one for Human Trafficking (which i've yet to see). ooh, and Andre Braugher got one for Thief. awesome. love him.

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