July 24, 2006

okay. here you go. i hope you're having a great monday morning. i'm gonna try and take advantage of the sun while it's still out (supposed to rain like crazy this week). so Colin Farrell gets heckled by a lady Dessarae Bradford on the Jay Leno show. someone on The Superficial found her myspace, but one click and you are directed to a note reading "this profile is undergoing routine maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience! " yeah. right. but if you're a little crafty you can find the cached version of her myspace (thanks, Google!), which has a link to her (team of lawyers'?) website. (here's her alternate myspace, complete with the Colin Farrell Is My Bitch song, and a nice photo of the girl.)

iPod War. nothing more to say.
i am fuel, you are friends*

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