August 01, 2006

hey. haven't been a good blogger lately, have i? well, the BB7 feeds have made sure i had almost no social life this past week. they're fun. maybe a little too much fun as they are addictive as hell :) i had a nice weekend and that's what i wanted to drop a note about. sunday i did something i'd never done in my entire life (nope. not the donkey thing) - i met a 'net friend :) first time in my life. and it was sweet as hell, and it was weird having this person know me without ever having met her in real life. (the wonders of the net.) that's all i wanted to say. i don't feel like going into detail because we didn't do anything flashy. but what we did do was fun and done in style, and i loved it :)

BB7 | Janelle is a fucking dumb bitch. period. she was blindsided big-time. and why can't anyone just ask her why she won't put up Will instead?? doesn't she see Will has stopped saying he was miserable in the house for the past week or so? he's ready to come out. and sequester is where it will all begin. i haven't seen who she put up against Erika yet but i really hope someone talked some sense into her thick, lovelorn skull. come on, Janie! think, dammit! James. this is your time to shine. save the S6! if Janie goes with this plan, i will not feel sorry for her from now until the game ends. this is the dumbest, silliest move ever. and the fact that everyone around is telling her this should be a big enough clue for her to see Will played her. BB, baby, payback. i would now hope that the S6 would scatter and James and Kaysar team up. they've been working really well this season (especially in light of Janelle's dumbass veto logic).
end of rant:)

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