August 21, 2006

ate too much. too late. had relatives over the for weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. invited them all as a surprise :) she didn't have a clue and loved it. yay. also watched the UK Office with a cousin (she loves the US version and fell hard for this one; that was fun), swam in the cold pool, and slept in the folding camper(?), me on one bed and my uncle and one cousin in the other bed at the front of the camper while rain poured down on top. it was actually quite beautiful. had the brilliant idea to take my iPod with me so i was listening to some great songs as i lay semi-awake in there :) it was nice.

love this horoscope (and i believe it, as things have started flowing in that direction recently--and thank god they have. it's great when things go as smoothly and effortlessly in that department :)

This week: 21/08/2006-27/08/2006
Take charge! As the week begins, others look to you to take the lead - even if it's just to pick a few fancy dance steps. From Wednesday afternoon and on through Friday, you can expect to be exceptionally perceptive. You're always ready to lend a sympathetic ear, of course, but that's even truer right now. This weekend, you're a veritable magnet for affection and admiration. Nobody can resist your easygoing charms, so expect a momentous weekend, whether you're happily coupled or free and flirting.
and this one too:
You're Christopher Columbus on Monday. You're leading ships full of people towards an exciting discovery. How you came to be the leader you're not exactly sure, but you tend to fall into leadership roles rather smoothly on a regular basis. Tuesday and Wednesday, the big picture is clear to you. The details? Someone else will handle those. Thursday and Friday, some celebrating is in order. In a social situation, take a passive role. Let someone else be the life of the party. Listen up, and what you learn may amaze you. Saturday and Sunday are super days: romantic, beautiful and busy (in a good way).

Kal Penn just signed up for 24? alright. i like him and he should fit right in, but i'm not sure about the whole Muslim/mosque angle - again. maybe someone fucked up and his role is pure speculation, because how many times can they sidestep the obvious China thread now? i want a Chinese/24 Prison Break goddammit. we need to shake things up. for the record, i do believe this'll be the year we get away from terrorist plots (crossing my fingers).

BB7 | Janelle is gonna need some serious detoxing after what Mr. Blinky is putting her through. she's brainwashed. i really hope James' efforts to go back to her are genuine. they could wreck havoc together in that house.

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