July 19, 2004

i didn't wanna bump my Diary of a Chambermaid post but i just had to do a quick write-up:

the Garbage Fan Site tells us HMV is taking pre-orders on the fourth album with an october 6 release date. we'll see how long that date holds but it's cool to finally get a date up. speaking of Garbage, they've got a new section up on their site: links. and it's not a bunch of Geocities webpages from 1996 either, it's sites and charities they like and endorse. i've wanted to mention this a few times but never did: their site also has an "elections '04 -- don't throw away your vote. use it" banner up :) nice. one of the links they put up is Move On.

Driving in Montreal. great post. seriously accurate. i love driving in Montreal. i'm of the "it's actually one of the safest places to drive if you know how to do it" way of thinking. [ montreal city weblog ]

have a good night. my four-day work week starts tomorrow. not too bad.

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