July 04, 2004

alright. i'm only blogging this right now 'cause the feeling is immeasurably strange. i'm not gonna write about Gerry because, frankly, the film, whichever side of the fence you may find yourself falling on, is indescribable at best. but, what i can tell you is this -- i'm feeling weird right now. lol (btw, listening to PJ's new album does not help at all :) it's kind of like feeling stunned from the inside. there's no real reason to feel this way. the film doesn't end on a staggeringly majestic reveal or shocking surprise. my only guess is the overall tone of the film achieves this kind of odd instrospection (what?) that sends you kind of askew on the way out. it's weird. as i said, it's nothing specific about the film. but i'm in some kind of no man's land because of it. lol. (the first time this happened, and what an experience that was, was when i walked out of Natural Born Killers back in '94. and that was in a mall in the middle of the day! it's kind of strange walking out of that movie and feeling detached from other human beings but walking among them at the same time. it was kind of a dreamy, zombie-like atmosphere, unable to understand what or where you were. very strange.)

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