July 05, 2004

Sidney Crosby's in town! (there hasn't been a top contender like this for ages. he can't be drafted until 2005 but scouts have had their eyes set on him as going #1 in the draft for a few years now, and they're pretty comfortable uttering his name with Gretzky's. yep, he's the next king.) how do i know he's in town? well, my roommate works as a higher-up at Sherwood and Sidney came in this morning to see where his equipment was being made (for some reason; it ain't no pr stunt). very cool. she asked me if i wanted anything signed and i told her to get an NHL puck signed if she could. hopefully he's still there this afternoon.

update, 2:09 pm: well, scratch that autograph thingy. he left before the roommate got there after lunch. a coworker got him to sign a blank piece of paper, though. lol :P strange. i'd never do that. the roommate did say she'd be quicker next time he came in. that's good.

what the fuck's happening with my Big Brother 5 schedule??? the show's starting this week and already we got a confusing schedule. the show will be air tuesday at 9, thursday at 8, and saturday at 9. that's the real schedule. so, for those keeping score at home, here's the real schedule for the first week, according to CBS:

tuesday: 8 pm - 9:30 pm
thursday: 8 pm - 9 pm
saturday: none for the next two weeks, apparently. way to start a season off, CBS!!

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