July 30, 2004

it's friday!! :) haha! the week actually went by faster than expected. i don't know why but by wednesday i felt like it was still tuesday :) last night after work (midnight) i finally went out jogging a little. i've felt somewhat like a couch potato this week and yesterday was the worse because i woke up tired and with a headache. took it to me at work too. that's the worse. so i quickly went out running after work and almost went to sleep right after. so this morning i fially wake up later than 8 (10 am) and am feeling really good. i'm now doing laundry, the sun is out (the heat is gonna start in on us today). turned on the a/c. everything is good around here :)

i haven't watched last night's Big Brother yet. gonna read the recaps instead to see who was voted out (although the feeling in the house has been kinda obvious for the past day or so; unless the Meatheads were playing everyone, but i don't think they're that good.) and who got HOH.

aw, goddamn. what? The Village is out today? dammit. we only have a french copy. dammit. oh well, we still have The Bourne Supremacy if the roommate changes her mind for sunday evening.

today i might finally do a mix cd. my hip hop 'anthems' - "oops, oh my", "stand up", "cop that shit", "yeah!", etc.

btw, The Daily Show seems to have been energized by going out to Boston this week. they're really good. i can't wait to see them do the Republican Convention next week, though :)

John Kerry: "I want an America that relies on its own ingenuity and innovation -- not the Saudi royal family." did he really fuckin' say that???!? i'm seriously impressed. i haven't heard the speech yet but according to Kos it was a surprisingly powerful speech. thank god. he sure can drone on, but then there's his other kind of speeches that i witnessed this summer where he just cuts you down with perfection. i'm so happy it seems to have been that kind of speech last night :) don't forget, there's a Daily Show tonight (or at least, John said so last night).

np: avril lavigne, let go

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