July 12, 2004

wow. i think i slept for ten hours straight. and i woke up up at 10 am. i haven't done that for ages! woohoo! this rocks. i usually wake up around 8 this summer. for some reason. this one feels good.

so yesterday i did go to the used record stores (and a couple of real music stores). here's what i got (the first four are used finds):

yo la tengo - little honda
jad fair & yo la tengo - strange but true
rza as bobby digital - digital bullet (limited edition, bonus tracks)
garth brooks - the chase (the limited series)
sparklehorse - distorted ghost ep
aaliyah - aaliyah
fabolous - street dreams

i'm pretty happy about the used finds but they'd somehow misplaced the one cd i was going there for, Yo La Tengo's Painful, so i couldn't get it. dammit. gonna check up on them every other week. i also left a couple of cd's there. i was getting enough. oh, and finding the RZA's Digital Bullet was a true surprise! not only did i find that particular album but when i got home and checked it out on the internet its number didn't match the explicit lyrics number on allmusic. very weird. i was getting a bit worried even though mine had the explicit tag on it. checked out the clean version number. nope. not that either. cool. maybe i had a canadian version. also, the online cover everyone had was on the back of the case on mine. but i checked up the Wu-Tang site ... and it informed me i had the limited edition of the album :P very cool. mine has two bonus tracks on it. what are the chances of me finding a) this album in a used record store, and b) the fuckin' limited edition i'd never even heard about! very cool. thank you dude who sold it to them :)

oh, last night we finally did see Spider-Man 2 :) but i wanna gather my thoughts about it before committing them to the cyberworld (not that my feelings about it are that complicated; i actually have not one single negative comment to make about the film! it was a joyride almost 98% of the whole way.

okay. so the work week starts again tonight. urgh. the weekend went by way too fast.

Richard Dreyfuss is mighty pissed. and rightly so. blow job, blow job, blow job. there, i said it. these guys are idiots. get them out of office next november -- please!!!

np: yo la tengo, genius + love = yo la tengo (disc two)

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