July 06, 2004

Kerry/Edwards 04 !

i totally slept on the announcement. i was online early but then i got too busy checking out various canadian dvd sites for the best prices on the Criterion Rebecca and Notorious sets when the announcement was due (btw, i just learned that the dvdboxoffice.com/Visa 15% off was only available for one purchase. fuck! i was so looking forward to getting a couple more dvd's. i've been unable find anymore coupons (other than their summer sale) for this site; i'd really fall in love if anyone could hook me up with some :)

back to politics. this is the ticket i wanted to see most (aside from the Clark ticket, which would've blown Bush/Cheney out of the water in the foreign policy/security department; but, Kerry can still appoint Wes Clark as his Sec of Defense in advance, thus making it one mighty team. i'm a bit surprised by the Edwards pick, though. i guess they've worked on their chemistry for the past week or so. good pick. let's see how this plays out now that Bush has taken Iraq off the news coverage for a week or two.

go take a look at the cover photo of the two on the Kerry site. it actually gives me hope :) now let's see that Bush/Cheney pic. lol :P

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