July 31, 2004

it's a rainy saturday around here. and i am thankful it is because a) i love rainy days, one can sit back and just chill, and b) we've been promised rain for quite some time now but only got one night of hard rain for the past couple of weeks and the heat has just turned up a notch. this should cool things down. at least temporarily.

went grocery shopping this morning. also got a new t-shirt for work (but i gotta take it back and get a medium one instead. a tiny bit too big on me). and i got these:

trina - diamond princess
chingy - jackpot
snoop dog - paid tha cost to be da bo$$

the first two obviously come from the "right thurr" remix, which i love, and it was really cheap (i'm not expecting much from it but i'm happy i got the remix now. today's buys were mostly geared towards the hip hop mix i wanna make). i've been aware of Trina for a while now but her stint on that remix is what did it for me. i had to scramble to find the Snoop album, though. and paid for it. but whatever, i wanted it. came this close to getting the new Tragically Hip album but i chickened out, telling myself there was no hurry, that i could get it another day.

oh! i almost got this Athens 2004 cd compilation. why, you ask? well, first off, because it's got a Timbaland/Kiley Dean song, for christ's sake! and it also has the Moby/Public Enemy track (anyone know if this is the release it was done for?). but the store i saw it at was selling it for $18.99. a bit too much for a couple of songs. the first store i visited might have it for way less than that. (oh yeah; i just looked it up on the Future Shop website and they got it for $14.99 :) i might get it next week. might. ha. the more i read about it the more i learn. profits from this cd are apparently going to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa.)

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