July 24, 2004

my day today:

late night/morning.

going to bed around 3:30 - 4 am because of the BB5 live feed recaps (i believe it's showing in my writing today). i'm now officially hooked. i wake up around 10:30 am. late enough for me. then i read what the hamsters have been up to this morning. tonight's episode will be the first one i know what will happen. i'm excited, though, because i'll see what the recappers have been talking about :) after i get off the net i notice that it's still cool and chilly outside and decide to turn off the roommate's a/c (which we'd set up only yesterday) and open all the windows. no humidity, the air has that crisp spring smell.


feeling sleepy. have to go to the grocery store but i've yet to shower. don't feel like it. i decide to take a nap on the couch in the living room with Mogwai's Rock Action playing. somehow this album is perfect for this and i rediscover it's many splendors. the cat jumps on top of me and decides to nap with me :) good music. the roommate's dad stops by, waking me up from my half-sleep. i'm able to go back to my nap. the roommate calls and wakes me up. i've had enough and get up and get ready. groceries are bought. done. toothpaste and a new toothbrush are also purchased (finally). roommate drops by with her boyfriend and off they go for dinner at her aunt's. i read some more BB5. nothing much happened while i was gone.

tonight i'm gonna watch Fiend Without a Face.

something that occured to me during my nap: is there a gay thing going on in male friendships? maybe it's BB5's Four Horsemen who're fucking with my brain on this but how corny is it to be like, as an adult, go to a guy acquaintance and be like, 'i wanna spend time with you and be friends' :) seriously. as a kid, that's nothing. kids run around and hook up with everyone. but as an adult, how the hell do you approach the possibility of a new friendship? that weirded me out.

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