July 18, 2004

Big Brother 5: Mike's gone, which gave Scott another good chance to show us his mighty assedness. the gaydar also went up a few notches last night (it's hitting the ceiling right now) with Scott taking a bath with cowboy Mike and the whole thing is somehow eluding the whole bandana team (Drew's cool, though. i see him swinging to the girls and/or Will soon). Holly is quickly becoming my favorite female player ... along with Lori, though. hopefully the girls and Will will figure out a way to make the guys hate someone else before the vote thursday night. Marvin's nomination speech was cool. he was nervous as all hell, though. i totally dug how he made Jase, and especially Scott, sweat it the fuck out. check out the repercussions on tuesday's show, though. mark my words. Scott is way too narcissistic and insecure to let this go by. this will be good. maybe he can even start some shit up between him and Marvin and end up on the nomination block after one of the girl's gets the veto :) that would be cool. ooh, something else i just thought about -- Jase is gonna pissed Marvin put Holly up. 1. because he put the only girl willing to flirt with him up, and 2. because he insinuated that Jase was being played - by Holly, no less, in front of everyone. that's gotta hurt a bandana guy's inflated ego. tuesday's show should have some fireworks. hopefully. i don't know how Marvin thought this one out but if he did it so he'd light a small warning fire under the two guys' butts, he's one smart motherfucker. i seriously loved how Scott sweated it out during the ceremony. lol. i think it started immediately when his name hadn't come out after the first two keys :) i also liked seeing how much Will was affected by the chicken game and the Jase-Scott sore loser name-calling streak. you think they're complete asses ...but then another episode airs to show you just how much depth's left to be dug. and their idiotic selves can't help but oblige.

i seriously don't get all the media semi-frenzy over the 9/11 report of Al-Qaeda operatives getting a free pass though Iran's borders. of course it's news, but they make it sound like the big smoking gun, complete with a new enemy of the US. how come are they all so hell-bent on glossing over the Saudi connection all over again?? i mean, where are these Al-Qaeda ops coming from??? who had something to do with the 9/11 attacks? for god's sake. they're all sheep.

just saw Allan Nicholls on PBS. i didn't know him but the host introduced him as a composer/actor/director/etc who got his big break on Robert Altman's Nashville. and -- he lives in North Hatley. that's 15 minutes from here :) i just looked up his filmography and it's quite impressive. Altman really loves him; he's been the 2nd unit or assistant director for a lot of his films (and also on all of Tim Robbins' films, including the transcendent Dead Man Walking).

Jimmy Chamberlain has a site! there's only one page on there but he makes the most of it by talking about his upcoming solo album (who knew?). [ Siva ]

np: jadakiss, kiss tha game goodbye

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