July 14, 2004

bon 14 Juillet aux amis français!

hello. what the fuck was i blogging about before? damn. i want to have something more to blog about. and i'm also back to working monday through friday, which makes it more of a challenge to find interesting things to talk about.

anyone can recommend (or not) the new Roots album?

have i mentioned we got the good news that our boss is not coming back a long, long time (so, probably never)? yep. our big boss gave us the good news on friday. nice.

the days are grey and cloudy this week. i may be able to watch Under the Roofs of Paris during the day (i work in the evenings) if this holds up, though.

see? nothing too interesting happens when you're working. i'm looking forward to the weekend :)

ps. the new allmusic kinda really sucks. it wants to be too cool and complex-looking (and what the fuck's wrong with the no-pointer links?). but at least it made me download the new Mozilla.

np: constantines, shine a light

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