July 23, 2004

it's friday. only one evening of work left. tonight. yup. but i'm gonna be working with someone i don't really know or care to know. i will get by.

Big Brother 5 last night. eviction night. Lori was sent off. that's the best of a bad situation for me as i didn't wanna see Karen or Lori go out but Lori did make it known earlier in the week she wanted out (but then retracted her comments by going to every single person in the house and telling them she didn't wanna go). good episode. Karen is still in the house. in my BB5 love this week i finally stumlbed upon the Big Brother Live Feed Recaps. i have been hooked on this thing. people are writting down almost everything that goes on beyond the shows. very cool. gives you another angle on the house. there's a lot more playing and excitement going on that the measly three episodes we get each week. can't wait to see who Drew puts up for nomination tomorrow night (hope of the Four Horsemen falling apart has gotten a boost, thanks to Diane talking about the Scott & Jase show, and Drew and Cowboy starting to wake up to that fact). hopefully my girls and my boy are safe. looks like Drew wants Holly out. he won't break the Horsemen alliance this week so i'm hoping for Marvin to go up, even though i'm liking him more and more (thanks to the Holly nomination last week, going against Jase's girl). things are getting interesting now.

update, 2:27 pm: can't wait to watch tomorrow night's episode. food competition. you can already go read the recaps to see what they've won or lost. i can't wait to see what happens tonight :P it has potential to be really good.

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