July 28, 2004

the days this week are gonna be mighty redundant. doing laundry today. getting some groceries. i should also get a couple of t-shirts for work; tore up a bit of my Mogwai tee friday. sorry, but i'm still obsessed with BB5 and its live feed recaps :) and the Democratic Convention (although, i can't watch the live coverage and, aside from some awesome speeches, it's all a big infomercial anyway, so there ain't gonna be much detailing. and i guess Bush is keeping it quiet this week). and also there's gonna be work. i'm also getting a handful of good dvd's this week (Zatoichi 1, Ballad of a Soldier, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Dario Argento's Opera, and hopefully Port of Shadows) so the weekend should be fun. Hellboy is also out and i now have a new release i seriously wanna rent.

so ... BB5: this is too good. wow. i haven't watched last night's episode but this week is turning out to be the week so far. this un-freakin-believable. you gotta see this shit. wow. i so want Adria and Natalie to both come in the house. hee. the guys believe they have the numbers in check but wait 'till Natalie enters the house :P gotta see the expression on their faces. lol :)

Obama rocked! enough said. i just hope moderates and conservatives were watching 'cause they now have an alternative in the newly-minted DNC.

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