July 04, 2004

hello. the cat is an ass. all she wants to do is wake me up at 7 every morning. happy 4th of July, folks. hopefully you'll also celebrate in november by voting in someone who has your interests at heart. in the meantime, go see Fahrenheit 9/11.

check this out: file-sharing is still very much legal in Canada. while i knew about the first ruling from march [ "The ruling is under appeal and in the meanwhile, as we reported on June 30, Canada's Supreme Court has decided unanimously that ISPs are "intermediaries" who aren't bound by Canadian copyright legislation" ], the second one got absolutely no buzz but is definitely a bit newsworthy (as well as the 'third' one caused by our vote in the federal elections last thursday). check them out and then skip over to the last couple of paragraphs for a look at our new government's views on the matter. here's a hint: it ain't changing for at least the next four years :) our Supreme Court rocks.

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