July 03, 2004

nothing much happening today. got woken up by a phone call. the person did not leave a message. i think it's the landlord, who called back later. so this is the weekend, uh? i would've loved to have started it up with some nice sleep. fucked around this afternoon doing nothing, then decided i'd better get my ass in gear and get those groceries or else i'd starve to death. then i gave up and swung by the record store and picked up:

animal collective - sung tongs
the mountain goats - we shall all be healed

i'm about to order some pizza, which i'll eat tonight while watching a film or two (The Honeymoon Killers; and Flesh for Frankenstein if i have the time and i'm still awake by then).

right now, i'm bored out of my mind and hungry as hell.

np: luna, pup tent

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