July 08, 2004

hello. there hasn't been much blogging on my part this week, has there? it's mostly because there hasn't been much going on, actually. we're finally down to thursday so my work week is almost over. hurrah for that.

the only worthy news this week was VP John Edwards (a great one). aside from that, nothing. oh, Ken Lay was finally indicted (doesn't he look strangely like Cheney in that pic? i had to look more closely to realize it wasn't dear old mr penguin himself. oh well. one can dream :) what's it been now - 3 years? about frickin time. hopefully CNN covers this. you think they'll even dare mention Bush in the same sentence? nope, don't think so. Larry Flint comes out with his book -- and yes, this is the one that includes the George W Bush abortion story :) the right-wing is gonna be busy this summer.

the Future Shop site finally has those season one tv sets for $30 (including 24). i haven't followed this one but Once Upon a Time in Mexico is now $17.99. rather cheap.

i got a bunch of great dvd's coming my way. hopefully they arrive tomorrow so i can start watching them this weekend (sunday is also the day i'll finally sit down for Spider-Man 2). i'm psyched.

wow. 24 hits it big in Japan and some radio station (i assume) had an all-night marathon (of the first season, i assume) ... and not a single person dropped out ! now that's one addictive show. we already knew that but that's still impressive. people who don't watch this show are so missing out. they have no idea. - link from tvtattle -

so that's pretty much it for now. have a great day. it looks rainy out here. talk to you soon.

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