July 26, 2004

the Democratic Convention is on! and now that the White House used Tom Ridge last week (or two weeks ago? i don't know, the media's still talking about it) to scare the nation and erase the Edwards nomination (i don't think they have anything else, or would have the balls to do anything else right now), what's left to divert the American people's attention from watching what the other party has to offer? seriously, if you have to go that low to 'win' an election, maybe you should be doing something else with your life. Bill Clinton speaks tonight at 10. i guess they could find a drowned puppy somewhere until then. remember all those polls, and the RNC, saying taxpayers didn't know who John Kerry was or what he stood for? remember how the RNC was using this to dirty his name up? remember how the media never paid an ounce of attention to him, instead opting towards poll-analysis and earsay from RNC heads? i ain't sweating it. this is John Kerry's week. he has a week to introduce himself to the American people. a week. and from what i've seen of him, he's one mean motherfucker when talking live. the people will know. let the love-fest (and watch the Repubs) begin!

update, 12:50 pm: CBC Newsworld interviewed Michael Moore from the Democratic Convention. he's got his ID. he's also got one for next week's Republican Convention :) nice. mentioned something about bringing twenty-five bodyguards :) (Fahrenheit 9/11 broke through the $100 million mark?? wow. Moby informed me the other week that Bush only got his cozy Crawford ranch back in '99. i'd never heard that before. on the advice of Karl Rove. it would be great if news organizations mentioned that everytime they talked about Crawford, uh?)

the BB5 veto ceremony (the veto competition took place saturday afternoon, i believe, but will only air tomorrow night on tv) will take place at 2 pm today.

so last night i watched Fiend Without a Face. a good film. though i must stop feasting at the start of a film. i always end up dozing off after an hour and try to keep my eyes open enough to make it to the end. but it was good. and story unfolds in Winthorp(fictional?), Manitoba, so that was cool. even cooler after i learned that the film was not American but British. weird. the acting can be a bit corny but it remains a lot of fun. and the effects of the 'creatures' are some surprisingly cool and gross.

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