July 21, 2004

another Big Brother 5 episode last night and, even though it didn't go the way i would've wanted it to (they've now put up two of my girls up against each other), it's getting more excellent as the house grows smaller and more intense (Karen doing impressions of the guys was seriously hilarious. her personality is starting to come through, as is Nakomis', secretly not going along with the boys). i do think Lori will go, seeing as how she wanted to leave fifteen minutes ago, and was only staying for Karen and Will. no big deal. too bad they're getting rid of a girl, though, and i hate seeing Lori leave, but it's still manageable. and now they've (temporarily) got Nakomis on their side. remember when i said never count on Scott & Jase to not go lower? well, last night we had an episode so it was time for Scott to show us why he's King Ass in this house by arrogantly marching into conversations and insulting players (in this instance making Diane cry). dude, it's too early in the game. the girls alliance win one HOH and you guys are toast. i do have hope for little girl alliance. it's looking like Drew can be persuaded to switch in about two weeks. oh, and Adria somehow manages to barge her way into Scott & Jase meetings. lol. even while they tell her they don't trust her enough. she just laughs it off and stays with the boys :) good girl. ooh, and Jase ticked off Marvin by using the veto on his two nomination choices :P great. seriously, the sparks are about. to. fly.

President Bush threw out his peace president line a few months ago. but now it seems he officially doesn't want to be the War Presidenttm anymore :( and that now "we're marching to peace". lol. fuckin' hilarious. now that is a major flip-flop, and one i think most americans will be able to laugh at. he's been saying he's a war president for way too long, and too proudly, for this to be a blogosphere laugh only. let's see if CNN has the guts to play that peace president speech and comment on it today :)

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