July 11, 2004

light posting is still in effect, it seems. no reason, really. there's just not that much happening. or i'm just not into it this week.

right now i'm looking up info on Yo La Tengo (wow. "speeding motorcycle" is playing right now - and it's excellent! it starts out as a radio call-in thing but then Georgia sings while a guitar strums along down in front. precious). i'm planning on going back to the (close-to-shady) used record store this afternoon and cleaning out their Yo La collection that's been sitting there gathering dust since last fall. but since they're mostly older albums/singles i wanted to make sure i got the right ones and not fall for cheesy compilations or poor albums (which, according to the allmusic ratings, is impossible). then i'm gonna swing by the real record store and snatch up Summer Sun.

the evening will finally see the roommate and i going to see Spider-Man 2. yeah, we're the last ones. but i'm still very much excited about it. the first one was really cool and lotsa fun, but it was marred by a rather pedestrian ending (the fight in the cemetary with the plastic Green Goblin). but Sam Raimi (and Tobey Maguire) know how to do this. i'm not scared.

np: yo la tengo, genius + love = yo la tengo

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