July 17, 2004

oh god i hate the new Blogger. god!! what the fuck are they thinking over there?? it's getting insanely more complicated and childish to just publish a post.

what the fuck is happening? you've heard about Iraq Prime Minister Iyad Allawi apparently
killing six prisoners last week. but now Australian Greens leader Bob Brown is saying this man helped put Saddam Hussein in power. and the US and Australia knew about this man's past. again -- what the fuck is happening??

my work week is finally over :) it actually got easier as the week went by so that wasn't so bad after all but i'm glad the motherfuckin' weekend is finally upon us. and i took monday off so i got three days off. hurrah. i got some shopping to do, a few (good) movies to watch, and the roommate is away camping until next wednesday. i'm set. against my better judgement i actually let the cat sleep with me last night. but, lo and behold, she didn't even disturb me one bit. and i actually got up at around 10 am, which was a cool surprise. i think i'm the one who woke her up :) the weekend is starting out well :)

i gotta post about this one: hilarious Cheney poker game transcript. (is this the Joe Schmo Show? ...anyone?)

np: petey pablo, still writing in my diary: 2nd entry

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