July 25, 2004

lazy normal sunday. re-watched a couple of episodes of BB5 with the roommate. read recaps of what happened today in the house. drama. veto was won today but we won't get to see it until tuesday night. i like reading what happens in the house over watching the shows on tv. the episodes feel more like best-of's now. the transcripts seem like real life (which, duh, it is). almost got some Airwalks today but they were $50 instead of the $30 my friend told me the other week. i don't need shoes too badly right now (i would've gotten them only because they were cheap. they looked good for $30 shoes, but not at $50) so i left them there. i'll shop for shoes this fall. the used bins were nice to me today; i finally got around to getting the first two items, i've been meaning to go back to get them for a few weeks now:

obie trice - cheers
g unit - beg for mercy
nas - god's son
k-os - exit (2nd edition, bonus tracks)

np: jay-z, the blueprint2 - the gift & the curse

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