September 22, 2007

my brother left for Western Canada about 8 years ago and never left. he visited us every other year or so. my mom even flew once to visit him a couple of years back. i never did. so we've been planning my visit since last year but things never gelled for one reason or another. well, the day is finally upon us, my friends :D the gf and i are leaving the Montreal airport monday morning (early monday morning) for a 9-10 day vacation to beautiful Nelson, BC :) we'll be arriving in Vancouver where my brother and his gf are gonna come pick us up (after a 7-hour drive, no less), so while we're there, we thought we'd stay to visit the beautiful city for a bit and stay the night :) (we got an awesome deal through an acquaintance of my gf's. we were gonna stay at a cheap motel; why pay for more when you're only sleeping a night? but this deal was just too good to pass up. check it out.) everything's ordered, paid and confirmed :) we are ready for one fine-ass vacation :) time to really disconnect from the daily grind. (i went to BC twice in my life - once to Salmo, BC, for an exchange student thing 15 years ago; Salmo happens to be a half-hour's drive from my brother's, so i think we'll swing by and check out the town; and then almost exactly 9 years ago i won a Musique Plus contest to go see Garbage play in Vancouver and got a 4-day hotel stay out of it. i am so looking forward to seeing that part of the country again. with my brother and his gf, no less.) wish me luck. (i put a shitload of canadian bands on my iPod for the flight over :) (btw, i'll still be checking my emails a few times a week so i won't be too far off :)

ps. guess who'll be in Vancouver the one night we'll be there? The Smashing Pumpkins ! :) but we'll be too pooped out of our minds to even attend a fucking show. hopefully they'll at least be staying at our hotel that night :)

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