June 28, 2003


it's sad.

i'm sad, really.
sad about this confused state of nazi pure-bred ideology of being a real quebecer only if you're white and french.

no ones dares mention the aryan traits in this theory, and no one even seems to notice the amazing similarities because this is how they like it. it's not hate it's 'what's right'. it's not being a nazi, it's 'protecting our culture'. etc etc.

i'm a proud Canadian.
and a proud Quebecer. french, at that.

but these two seem - to me, anyway - to be quite a rare mix.
and i've grown to be increasingly proud of being canadian these past couple of years, actually.

but this pride also comes with great sadness in knowing that a lot of my peers actually want a sovereign quebec, separated from canada. actually, we've been taught that we're another country entirely. it's just hasn't been made official yet.

and what fucks me up the most is when i hear people talk about the 'real' quebecers vs 'immigrants', or 'minorities'. as if those people, who are as legally quebecers as you and me, don't really count, you know *wink wink*. it's our country, our province.
but these people don't seem to get that
a) this province is not entirely french
b) all of its people make it what it is
c) the rest of canada also has francophones

this last one seems to stomp them when you bring it up 'cause, hey, no, this is the french province. we're the real ones, here. the rest of canada can't be like us. or else... what, then?

i'm just really frustrated with this way of thinking.

Canada Day is coming up next tuesday.
last week was Quebec Day here in the province and you saw tons of blue flags.
but i don't think we'll be seeing too many red maple leaf flags come next week.
which is sad.

the separatists here have this idea that we're under siege from the english population and that they're gonna take our french culture away from us.

but we live in the 21st century now.
our province now houses tons of different cultures. why not embrace that? our culture will not change. if anything, we can only benefit from other cultures.
it's time this province comes into the modern age.

this is a xenophobic state. and it's been in denial for 40 years.
we're not under siege. and if you continue speaking your language, that's what'll keep it alive.

i just wish i could get through to some.

have a nice evening.

lovingly, sam

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