June 10, 2003


Blur come on american television and give us the real lead-off single (out of time) to wash away the mess that was the horrible choice of having crazy beat (although i've come to like the song in its own right) as the lead single for north america (thus biasing two whole nations against the actually good and non-1997-song 2 album that is think tank).

tight performance of a laidback song, helped by damon albarn sounding much like the sullen bowie.

i just saw that Blur are gonna be playing Toronto two nights in a row(!) and and then they'll spend one night in Montreal.


yes. those of you who watched game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final (which the Devils won, btw) saw none other than Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland, being interviewed in the stands. very cool moment. and thank god i decided to check out the various channels at that point.

i missed this but apparently he mentioned that his schedule on Taking Lives was from wednesday to sunday. dunno if they'll still be in quebec city by that point. don't think they will be.

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