June 12, 2003


okay. i'm gonna try something here. i seem to have never written an actual diary-type entry on this here blog and i kinda regret that 'cause part of the reason i wanted to start a blog was to write down stuff. and i seem to have been stuck in the news or list departments. so here goes.

things i did recently (i'm starting slow so i don't fall or break my neck here):

last weekend the roommate had friends over from all over (that would make a great title for song; the 'over from all over' part). they met up here at the apartment for an hour or two and then they were going out to dinner and then out to a bar. i was only there for the 'here' part but that was pretty cool and easy, not like i expected. i thought it'd be all awkward and uneasy for me because i didn't know most of 'em. but there was this one friend who got here a day early so i got to meet her a little beforehand.

she was nice. a bit shy but when she talked she didn't look nervous. it was a weird combination and she kept throwing me off when she talked to me. she looked you straight in the eyes and it wasn't anything defiant, she was talking to 'me' :) she looked like she woulda been a bookworm-type girl in high school (all of the roommate's friends met while studying law at university), even down to the lisa loeb horizontal glasses - which she wore perfectly. i mean, she was born for those glasses. but she was also so cute! whoa, man, was she ever cute. just beautiful. perfect. simply stunning. but because she looked smart and studious (and down-to-earth calm), she didn't look like a bimbo or a wannabe. she just looked like she was herself. amazing. and she was nice, a bit cold at first 'cause she didn't know me all that well, but she was funny and cool when we did talk. funfunfun.

she was even trying to get me to come with them to the dinner and out later but i couldn't. but that felt extra nice.

apparently, two guy friends went up to the roommate at the bar to ask her about her friend. ha. then a coworker also asked about her at work the next monday :)

anyway. she left away the next day at 7:30 'cause she had a hearing up north so she had a plane to catch in montreal. she left without saying goodbye which kinda made me sad. she has a boyfriend - longterm-type form the looks of it - but that's okay, it was just nice to be in her presence a little :) i don't even think i'd go out with her 'cause i'm not sure she's my girlfriend type, but it's fun to fantasize a little :)

okay. enough drooling :)

tuesday i went and caught me a Dears show at the coolest bar/sometimes-venue downtown. it'd been a while since i last went out and it was really nice. a friend was going with another friend and they invited me. i didn't know their material - i kinda like first single - but that was it. but it was extra cheap (6$ canadian!) and it was a night out with a band that was making some huge waves with their new album so i said yes. they were simply an amazing band. i only heard the single beforehand and read up a few amazing reviews of their new album so i knew they were good but i didn't know any of their songs except for the single. but they blew me the fuck away. go see them if you can, they're so worth it.

i got me their new album and an ep after the show; i would've gotten more of those ep's but i had no money left and the atm machine wasn't working. dammit.


The Dears - Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique
The Dears - No Cities Left

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