July 05, 2003

daniel lanois | july 3rd 2003 | sherbrooke, quebec

this is for those of you (who i honestly thought were none - thanks for the comment, sharon) who wanted to know how the daniel lanois show went and wondered where the hell i'd gone.
after the show i emailed two of my friends with the story of the show; after writing the story down twice i just felt drained and didn't wanna write it out anymore. i mean, how much can you say about a show to someone who wasn't there?

but here's the next best thing - the quick and easy version of the show.

update: i'll add to that 'review' that daniel was one of the coolest person. unassuming, charming, funny (he wears dickies), and just plain cool for a guy who could pull off being a snob by now. he seemed genuinely surprised and touched to see us all there and had fun and enjoyed the evening.

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