July 07, 2003

gangs of new york | martin scorsese

i'm not sure how i feel about the film. i just gave it a spin tonight on dvd.
so, the following is stream of consciousness only. bits and pieces pieced together for your enjoyment or (mis)information.

i know i'm not made for long movies anymore. i can't stand them, for some reason.

but the beginning's really good.
but it's a shame we got to go through 2 hours of 'character' stories to get to the really impressive 5-minute finale.

daniel day-lewis is good, but i thought he'd chew more scenery than he actually does.
and is it just me or was he channeling deniro in some scenes, there? i think he inspired his performance on the scorsese deniro.

what is curious to me is how leonardo really didn't bring much of anything new to the table. i love the guy but he didn't do much of anything in this film. and he's the supposed protagonist. of course the story's got a much larger scale than him but he wasn't given anything to do, really, except plotting a bit of revenge for his father's death (and i use the term 'plot' in the loosest sense of the term).

the music was good. especially in the opening battle scene. i didn't check the exact credit for the piece out but robbie robertson was the music guy, so i guess some thanks go out to him.

am i the only who saw a little harvey in this film?
i didn't read up much on the exact stories behind the film but the movie did have that hacked up feel about it.

i liked the story, or what the story tried to convey - so congrats to martin scorsese for having enough guts to tackle something as big as this - but, as a whole it didn't work for me.
too much side stories that had nothing to do with the actual gangs, racism, or immigration.

scorsese does score some points for the sheer amount of 'realistic' violence in the film, though. it needed to be there and they brought it. thank god for that.

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