July 09, 2003

"i'm a puppet, cutting strings."

the car's okay!! yay.
what was wrong with it, you say? the little muffler thing between the pipe and the actual muffler at the back. it had rusted and the pipe fell out because of it. so we got a new one and installed it in under an hour. i had to max out my credit card to pay for it but thank god it wasn't too much 'cause i didn't have anything left until tomorrow. lol

so i have a purring car now :)
thank god and it feels great.
i wanna do something now.

btw, the kenna album is actually growing on me, and i haven't even listened to the whole thing yet.
it's not what i was expecting.
it's more backstreet boys meets the savage garden singer.
but now that i have my car back i think i'm more open to it than before.

correction - i was just listening to the kenna album in the car and it dawned on me: it's not backstreet boys meets savage garden, no (the pop-y melodies are what threw me the first time); it can be more accurately described as duran duran meets depeche mode. yes.
so there you go.
and enjoy.

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