July 17, 2003

the liars' club.

blair gave a speech in front of his liar friends (black and white clips of klu klux klan meetings come to mind) in the u.s. congress, trying to convince everyone that their war on iraq was just and fair.

they even had wounded army personnel in the audience (well, at least one guy with a neck brace). everyone was cheering at every chance they got. but thankfully hillary looked like the only person who seemed non-plussed about the whole thing. probably the only one in there who sat there with a look of distrust on her face too. priceless.
i personally want to thank you, hillary rodham clinton.

something that irked me some while i was listening to the speech - blair said the spread of freedom is the best security, or something along those lines. it sounds like these folks' version of freedom is to put a blanket over the undesirable parts of this world and call it a day. that's highly superficial and artificial, at best, and just simply does not work. people are pissed for a reason. shutting them up with huge amounts of tear gas or artillery shells will do you no good. on the contrary, you are putting the lives of the very people you say you want to protect. terrorism is not dead. but you went after saddam and osama. we were told we'd be better off after this. seems to me nothing's changed. except for the fact that now the rest of the world hates you.

i really hope bush and his team get impeached after this. i really do.

and i really hope this speech (and the fact that tony came over to do it) in front of congress gets nailed by the semi-newborn press over here. grow some brains and do your job.

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