July 17, 2003

so i was watching leno two nights ago...

when did taylor from hanson turn into ben from growing pains?

and i think they used the time off to switch zach with a darker, broodier, and more handsome young man.
(ha, the older one, even with all the wishing in the world, is still the geek of the band. a geek in itself is not bad; but a geek who doesn't wanna be a geek, that spells trouble. don't try so hard, dude.)

whoa (btw, i'm learning way too much about them this morning than i ever wished i could), did you know that taylor was married -- and had a kid?? the guy's barely 20. [ end of teenbeat rumor mill ]

looking up info on leonardo

i didn't know leo had been on roseanne. wow.
i knew about growing pains but not about roseanne. shit. and i used watched that show religiously, too.

also, he's gonna be in the good shepherd, a film directed by deniro. very cool to see them team up again.
it's also (executively) produced by coppola.

(what? supernova was co-directed by coppola? apparently it was an uncredited job. wow, it must have been a really bad film seeing as walter hill seems to be the one who directed it but he used another name for it. lol)

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