July 07, 2003

wild horses.

i'm actually looking at getting into the rolling stones this morning. i never thought that day would come.
see, i really hate their 'classics' - they've been hammered into our psyche so much. i can't stand them no more. can't even remember the first couple of times i even heard them. but last night around 2 am i caught gimme shelter on cbc newsworld. and i watched. and watched. and watched. i finally put an end to it around 3:30 and went to bed - but not before making sure to tape the rest of the film.

and one of the first songs we hear in the film is wild horses. at first i didn't recognize it at all but i loved the way it went. and then came the chorus and i recognized it from the garbage version and i nearly pissed myself as i remembered the rest of this beautiful chorus. and the stones version has a weariness to it that i couldn't help but fall in love with.

the song appears on sticky fingers. actually not a studio album but an outtakes comp.
and i remembered the stones remasters that came out earlier this year - that's when i saw the light.
i'm looking up info and reviews on them. mainly the more weary and honest albums around the sticky fingers/exit on main st time.

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