July 18, 2003

with your own eyes.

you've got to see this. scott mcclellan, the new ari fleischer (who, btw, was on letterman last night and was still sucking and spinning for the bush administration. only this time he was doing it with a smile. letterman did try to get the good questions out, though. it looked like they'd trapped ari for a bit, there), is getting a great introduction to the white house press corps grillings (the good kind).

here's video (39:45) of it - 3rd one down in left column.

this is bad. i wouldn't want to be this guy - caught between the finally-hungry press on one side and the bush cabal on the other.
he's new, it's his 3rd day, he's not used to this, and one of the biggest scandals about the war on oil has finally blown open. this is good.

question: and so when there's intelligence in a speech, the president is not responsible for that?


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