May 20, 2004

10:09 pm - with barely 90 seconds left to play in what could have been their season, the Philadelphia Flyers just forced overtime!!!! Tampa was finally up 4-3 for most of the period, with Philly on the brink of losing the series and going bye-bye, captain Keith Primeau scored in what has been one intense third period. wow. playoff hockey is fun :) Tampa is leading the series 3-2 and could secure their spot in the Cup Finals if they beat Philly tonight. wow. i could never have thought a game would get me so riled up in it if it didn't involve my Habs. but this one is doing it :) overtime, baby. i want a Philly, Calgary match-up in the Finals. i'd watch that. i haven't watched a full game since the Habs were taken out a few weeks ago.

right after i need to watch Audition, though, so hopefully Philly scores quickly :)

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