May 29, 2004

2004 NHL Stanley Cup Final

Calgary wins 3-0 against Tampa Bay, takes a 2-1 lead in the series. what a bloody game. players were holding a bit too much for my taste but what a physical game. i love it.

i just caught about five minutes of what turns out to be Ernst Lubitsch's "That Uncertain Feeling" on PBS. what a wonderful five minutes it was! Burgess Meredith just pops off the screen with such modern verve and sparkling wit. i'm gonna be looking out for Lubitsch's work, that's for sure.

oh my god, this is just too freaky!! i know has been around for almost a decade now, but i just clicked a link to it because a fellow canadian had it up on her blog. and damn -- both my primary school and high school were listed on there! it's pretty fucking thorough! i registered (free, yay) and it's like a portal where you suddenly just pop out on the other side of the anonymous internet and find yourself in a room with long lost schoolmates. gooddammit. lol. a bit freaky, but this rocks.

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