May 29, 2004

hmm. had a weird day today. thank god it's the weekend, though. so, to recap. last week i lost my last right contact lens, called to see if i could get some contacts but was refused because it's been (literally) years since i last got an eye exam. this afternoon i went to my appointment. good news is that i didn't lose too much vision, only 0.25 in my left eye. they're even-ing out. but. there was some bad news. because i used the contacts i had for far too long, a tiny infection developed in my left eye. apparently tiny blood vessels got under my cornea. or something like that. something that even the doctor wouldn't have noticed even up close it's so tiny. he saw it because he used dye on my eyes. so there's this tiny infection going and the only way to heal it is by not wearing contacts for two or three weeks. now. i need my contacts. lol. but. because he didn't know how long it took to develop, i don't wanna take a chance and have it get worse. so as of this afternoon i'm not wearing contacts for the next two weeks. work will be weird. i'm not blind but there's a definite blurriness to things :) i took out my old glasses i got ...when i was in fuckin' high school!!! lol. they're ugly. i was worried that they'd be useless because of their weak outdated prescription but they're actually doing a really good job. that's good 'cause i got me some hockey and movies to watch :) i'm only using them in here. there's no way i'm wearing these outside :) driving is fine. i thought it'd be worse but i'm actually okay. can't wait to wear the new contacts, though! that new prescription should be awesome.

stuff was purchased:

the office - the complete second series
feist - let it die
scissor sisters - scissor sisters

Tampa Bay vs Calgary - Game 3
the next two games are gonna be played in Calgary. that crowd will be insane. this will a great game. (the series is tied at 1-1.)

small newsbite:
apparently (i haven't seen it myself yet), Bush I shoved President Clinton live on tv at today's WWII memorial celebration. hopefully CNN will show it again.

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